Sat 30 May 2015

Building an Album Launch with Videos on Social Media

or "Driving a Narrative While Changing Lanes" Montréal group Folly & the Hunter released their new album Awake on the Outside Music label this week, injecting a brighter FM-friendly sound into their haunting melancholic... Read More
Fri 13 Feb 2015

How We Spend Money on Music

Notably, physical album sales (CDs, cassettes and LPs) were down across most channels but there was an increase of more than 5% in direct-to-consumer and Internet sales of physical items. On average, U.S. consumers spend $109 per year on music, with over... Read More
Mon 12 Jan 2015

Streaming Music Users Lean-in to Listen

76% of streaming listeners across all subscription streaming platforms report listening to music as an exclusive activity, as Spotify recently shared in a report prepared for advertisers & brands. This level of engagement shows that streaming... Read More
Wed 31 Dec 2014

5 Favourites of 2014: Albums + Top 24 Tracks

Top 5 Albums of 2014 Ty Segall – Manipulator: Ty Segall stands tall as one-man-band heir to the Marc Bolan/T. Rex brand of boogied rock n’ roll, wringing the heck out of almost every instrment across the record, and tackling multiple roles... Read More
Wed 31 Dec 2014

5 Favourites of 2014: Web Reads

Top 5 Articles, Links, etc. The Ballad of Geeshie & Elvie: New York Times deep dive to find out the origins & identities of 2 female blues musicians from the earliest known recordings of American music. Thorough discussion of the beginning of... Read More
Wed 31 Dec 2014

5 Favourites of 2014: Podcast Episodes

Top 5 Favourite Podcast Episodes from 2014 Meet the Composer: John Luther Adams Music podcast interviewing contemporary composers, dissecting a piece of their music. This episode features composer John Luther Adams from Alaska, dissecting his expansive... Read More
Sat 08 Nov 2014

Digest: Adele's manager enters fray of Swift vs. Spotify (from The Guardian)

This week, Taylor Swift's battlecry against Spotify cast a tall shadow against subscription streaming, as artists rallied behind 2014's first platinum-selling act. Unfortunately, Swift's stance is founded on the flippant observation from her experience... Read More
Mon 27 Oct 2014

Rebuilding // Thanks for your patience!

Thanks for visiting my online portfolio & website! Currently, I am re-building on Shoutable, the web platform for artists & industry professionals that makes content creation & sharing easy. Once it is complete, I... Read More